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List VM VDIs by SR IP

Quick and dirty Powershellscript to display the mount point and network point of VDIs by Virtual machines on a specific NFS Storage IP - you need the XenServerPSModule available on citrix downloads - just change the first to lines to…


Excel Bulkupdate with password protection and locked cells

Hey there,

a customer decommissioned his 2003 Server and migrated his files to a new server running a current version of Windows

The issue:
– 1000’s of excel files
– The excel files contain server paths which are referencing to each other
– Some files are password protected
– different passwords used
– locked cells


VS Qloud baut aus!

Wie heißen unseren neuen Mitarbeiter Paul Wiegel herzlich willkommen.          Als  Citrix Certified Expert/Professional for Virtualization/Mobility unterstützt er uns nun in allen Bereichen des Cloud Hostings   Accelerite CloudPlatform      Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop  Citrix XenMobile        …


XenServer bulk rename of VDIs

Ever had the issue that the VDI naming is incorrect? However here is a script executable on the xenserver which takes the inventoryname of a virual machine and sets all attached VDI's with a given name [crayon-5a5e2d5e4ca97045207413/] Cheers, Mauricio