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XenServer – Activate iSCSI Multipathing afterwards

On a new XenServer 7.1 environment I had the issue that the afterwards created 2nd Storage Network for iSCSI Multipathing was not used by XenServer.
– Ping on the second storage network to the storage device was fine
– /etc/multipathing.conf is configured
– Multipathing was aktivated
– When scanning the LUN the second network export was shown.

This post on the citrix community brough me to the right direction:

In short:
iscsiadm -m node
# Shows current targets

iscsiadm -m session
# Shows current sessions, note that the output differs from the first command

iscsiadm -m node –login
# Take any IQN where multipathing is not established let the xenserver perform the iscsi login

Voila! In my case it directly refreshed all LUNs and multipathing is effective for all SRs

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