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Irfanview does not show print dialog

Since Windows Server 2016 does not offer a default picture image application (mspaint does not have the best user experience), IrfanView has been become very popular on a Microsoft RDS or Citrix XenApp Server. Issue Under rare instances, the user…


List VM VDIs by SR IP

Quick and dirty Powershellscript to display the mount point and network point of VDIs by Virtual machines on a specific NFS Storage IP - you need the XenServerPSModule available on citrix downloads - just change the first to lines to…


Excel Bulkupdate with password protection and locked cells

Hey there,

a customer decommissioned his 2003 Server and migrated his files to a new server running a current version of Windows

The issue:
– 1000’s of excel files
– The excel files contain server paths which are referencing to each other
– Some files are password protected
– different passwords used
– locked cells


VS Qloud baut aus!

Wie heißen unseren neuen Mitarbeiter Paul Wiegel herzlich willkommen.          Als  Citrix Certified Expert/Professional for Virtualization/Mobility unterstützt er uns nun in allen Bereichen des Cloud Hostings   Accelerite CloudPlatform      Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop  Citrix XenMobile        …